“Venezia has been valuable throughout my life’s journey as a healer and friend, who has opened up parts of my self that I thought were closed for good. Throughout our sessions both one-on-one and distance, she has helped me open up two important chakras: my heart and solar plexus chakra. I had closed them through several difficult relationships and life moments. Opening up my heart did not just open me up to partner possibilities, but also self-realization for what the Universe holds. She talked me through while allowing me to learn my lessons. It does take time to release and open but she was there every step of the way.

Venezia works with Ascended Masters, Arch Angels and beings of light, so it comes from the greater good and divine love. She also lets go of the ego, which is so important as a healer. She is full of love and compassion but will also be direct if need be, an excellent balance!

As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I trust a few with helping in my own energy healing and evolution. Venezia is one who I trust because I have seen my own changes in many corners of my life. She will be there every step of the way of your journey.”

— Trixie N., Reiki Master and Teacher, Henderson, Nevada, USA

“Venezia is an incredibly down-to-earth and gifted healer. I had been struggling with significant stress and decided to schedule a session. I was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect, but Venezia was wonderful at putting me at ease and helping me relax.

After my first session, my mind felt significantly lighter and peaceful. The effect of that session has lasted for weeks. I have since had a subsequent session when I faced issues with sleeplessness.

Both of my sessions have been from a distance, but once the session starts, I have been able to feel calming, healing energy surround me. I can honestly say that she has helped me feel so much better and I am looking forward to have several more visits!!

— S.C., Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

“I had a few long distance healing sessions, and all were beautiful experiences, but nothing like my first time!  I was new to healing sessions and energy work, and regardless of being very open to it all I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Venezia mentioned a few things that I would possibly be experiencing that didn’t make sense to me at first, i.e. ‘traveling’, ‘visions’, etc. It all sounded so surreal yet exciting to me and couldn’t wait to start my first session so that I could ‘experience’ once and for all what I had always known in mere ‘theory’!

Well I ‘traveled’ alright! The best description I can give is that it was similar to the Hubble space telescope floating through space, and what I saw was something similar to photo shots taken by it, aside from many other very vivid visions I had… some consisting of beautiful color waves and more! And my feelings during and after were a combination of exciting, relaxing, soothing, amazed, just to name a few… literally ‘out of this world’ (no pun intended, LOL)!!

The sessions with Venezia have helped me spiritually, emotionally, physiologically, and more. They’ve allowed me to gain lots of self knowledge, therefore helping me on my path to self healing. Overall my sessions have all been great healing and learning experiences. The best word to describe a session with Venezia is ‘Existential’.”

— Eva V., Certified Professional Massage Therapist, Ciudad Delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico

“Venezia’s healing sessions have created deep healing in me. Her remarkable ability to sense deeply into an issue has helped me shift a lifetime of morning anxiety. I no longer grind my teeth at night, nor do I wake up in a panic. I feel at peace when I wake, which is an incredible transformation.

Her mix of Reiki and Egyptian healing creates a kind of psychic surgery that initiates profound change. She is a profound bridge to the subtle realms and along with Reiki healing, brings in Ascended Master energy and Angelic assistance. Each issue is handled in a multi-layered way. I am at the point in my healing journey where I actually can’t remember what the issues felt like anymore. They have left my experience!

I particularly enjoyed the ‘feedback sessions’ afterwards where she explained what she saw and what she thought it meant. Each time it was a magical, mystical story that sparked my imagination.

I recommend Venezia’s healing to anyone who has already shifted a lot of old patterning yet wants to dig into the root of their issues.”

— Josie K., Sacred Dance Teacher, Santa Monica, California, USA

“I was referred to Venezia to help me with my sleep disorder. However, what I got from my sessions with her was much more than that. In the process of her conducting remote healing sessions on me, Venezia connected and worked with ascended masters and light beings who informed her of my past life challenges that were at the root of my issues and made me aware of other shadow work that was needed.

Her remarkable ability to help heal root causes has now opened up significant neuropathways and aided my personal healing work further over the past few months.

I never had someone help interpret what my guides were trying to tell me, and I am therefore now living with more conscious awareness as I walk in this 3-D reality.

I’m so grateful to have found Venezia and her sacred tool kit. What strikes me most about her and her work is how graceful, yet powerful her style of interaction is, and how enthusiastic she has been as my champion for healing. She’s truly an important partner for me going forward as I attempt to walk the talk of my conscious evolution.”

— Brad N., Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, California, USA

“My first experience receiving a distant healing from Venezia changed my life, quite literally, overnight.  I had been struggling with chronic health issues for years and was at a particularly low point, barely able to move from the extreme physical pain.  The following morning, I was astounded to find myself getting out of bed without ANY physical pain for the first time in years!

Venezia is an uncommonly talented healer, intuitive, and teacher with a vast and impressive knowledge of her craft.  The attunements are thorough and complete, while never losing the magic of ritual, and have had a profound effect on my personal growth and expansion as a healer.  As a teacher, Venezia guides you through learning how to develop and increase your own abilities.  Every time I recommend her to others, I’m excited for the beginning of another’s journey to wellness and have such great gratitude for my own.”

— Pati C., Reiki Master and Seichim Master, Los Angeles, California, USA

“Venezia is a true and gifted healer. During the sessions, I can feel her channeling light energy through my body, even remotely. Since everything is energy, this is a powerful way to shift in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. After a session, Venezia takes the time and care to explain all that she was guided to do during the session –if you wish to know. You will feel the change, always for the better, regardless. She has great insight and intuitive skills, yet she is so humble and sweet. You can feel truly safe with her.”

— Romy R., Producer, Los Angeles, CA, USA


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